For more information about the accommodations at A Place Inn Time, please contact the innkeeper (Karen Willey) by using any of the following methods.   If you are mailing a reservation please include all information that would be necessary.   If you prefer to pay your deposit by check rather than a Mastercard or Visa credit card, include a check for the cost of the first night plus 6% sales tax.   Otherwise, rooms can be reserved with a Mastercard or Visa credit card over the telephone.   If you wish to make a reservation using our online form, please click here.   Please allow up to 2-3 business days for confirmation of e-mail and FAX reservations.   Time permitting, reservations will be confirmed by postal mail.

Phone: 814-397-3883 or FAX: 814-734-7092

Mailing Address: 206 Erie St., Edinboro, PA 16412


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